Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world and there are many new converts from westernised countries. This site was created as a member of the converts to Islam team converted to Islam a number of years ago and had many questions and concerns. Although born Muslim brothers and sisters are very sincere in their attempts to help, they don’t always understand the needs and complexities faced by a new Muslim. Although there are many Islamic sites there have not been that many which cater for converts specifically. Islam is considered a rigid set of laws by many and some born Muslims can be a little inflexible and this attitude is actually counter productive with converts. As a convert grows in their understanding they learn that Islam is considerate, caring and indeed very flexible to the individual situations and dilemma’s faced by converts. In order to contribute towards meeting the needs of future converts we decided to build this website and pour into it of our experiences. There are just the two of us running the site in our spare time, we are not funded and do not fall under the umbrella of any organisations. Therefore our site has a flexibility and we are free to develop and move it forward in any direction we please in order to meet the needs of our visitors.

Over the years we have dealt with many issues for people all over the world and we’re fortunate to have access to extremely learned people. If you have a complicated question or simply need support please do get in touch. Our aim is to serve Allah(swt) by serving our visitors, we ask that you also please pray for us and ask Allah(swt) to accept this small service of ours.