Q1. Can I wait when I’ve decided to become a Muslim/ah?

A1. Once you have accepted Islam internally you are already Muslim, declaring it on the tongue is simply bringing it out into the open.

Q2. Should I declare my faith in front of witnesses?

A2. As above you are already Muslim if you’ve internally accepted, to declare with witnesses is good as it opens the path to the wider community.

Q3. Are duties such as prayer obligatory immediately after Shahadah?

A3. Yes all Islamic obligations such as the daily prayers are compulsory with immediate effect, but don’t panic as you aren’t expected to know everything, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Q4. Can I pray reading from a book to start with?

A4. Yes, Scholar’s allow new Muslims to read from a book until such a time the prayers are memorised, as there are five prayers each day this process may not take long.

Q5. Do I have to get rid of my pet dog?

A5. No, there is no obligation to get rid of a pet dog, you just need to ensure clothes and the place you pray are clean.

Q6. Can I join in with my Family’s religious traditions?

A6. Scholar’s do allow this as long as you aren’t breaking any Islamic rules.

Q7. Is it obligatory to learn Arabic?

A7. There is no obligation to learn Arabic, you will learn a little for prayers and if you can learn it then it would be a huge blessing and advantage.

Q8. Is Hijab obligatory upon me right away?

A8. Yes, if you still at an age where Hijab is obligatory then yes is it obligatory.

Q9. Will I be accepted or treated as an outsider?

A9. Most Muslim communities will welcome you with open arms.

Q10. Which path should I follow Sunni/Shia/Sufi, etc?

A10. This is your journey and you need to research with a free thinking mind, don’t simply be swayed by the first group of Muslims you encounter.

Q11. Can I pray if there is Alcohol in my family’s home?

A11. Scholar’s allow if you have no choice, but hide the Alcohol out of sight whilst praying if it’s in the open.

Q12. How should my relationship be with my parents/family/friends?

A12. Irrespective of their beliefs you should strive to have a more loving and closer relationship especially with parents and close family.

Q13. Have I been purified now?

A13. You have been given a clean slate, however it is better to repent for the sins when you were a Non-Muslim as well.

Q14. Can my non-Muslim family get to heaven?

A14. There’s no guarantee for us who call ourselves Muslims, so of course it is possible for anyone as only Allah(swt) knows the truth of each soul.